Ever since she burst onto the YouTube scene in 2011, LilyPichu has become one of the most popular content creators on the platform. Her rising online presence coupled with the instant success of Twitch and YouTube streaming network OfflineTV has led to the streamer being featured often as a voice actor in recent years. Between occasional roles in anime dubbing and her recent role as Genshin Impact's Sayu, Lily has transitioned her streaming ventures into a burgeoning career in voice acting and now, she is set to be featured in another online game.

LilyPichu has been a well-known streamer and content creator for several years following the initial success of her YouTube channel making League of Legends-themed content. In 2017, she joined the fledgling OfflineTV started by popular Twitch streamer Pokimane and former League of Legends pro Scarra, which currently boasts nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Now, with LilyPichu seeing success with her voice acting in recent years through games like Genshin Impact and Cookie Run: Kingdom, the newest skin in Hi Rez Studios' SMITE will star the YouTube sensation as Chinese god Chang'e.


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Hi Rez Studios announced Tuesday through Twitter that the newest skin for SMITE's Chang'e, dubbed the 'Curious Courier,' would be voiced by LilyPichu. The Curious Courier skin features Chang'e in a whimsical outfit complete with bunny ears and a satchel full of carrots, looking more like an Easter skin than one fit for the Christmas season. A bundle containing the skin, an exclusive avatar, and some of the game's premium currency will be released in late December with SMITE's official website listing the skin as releasing on December 21st.

The skin starring LilyPichu is just the most recent in a string of high-profile collaborations from the Hi Rez MOBA over the past two years. The game featured a massive collaboration in 2020 with characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender added to SMITE as skins for some of the game's wide roster of gods based on various mythos. Past tie-ins with the popular MOBA have included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, and most recently Transformers.

LilyPichu has followed a trend set by past content creators in transitioning her own streaming brand into a successful career in the entertainment industry as a whole. Between popular YouTubers like Jirard 'The Completionist' Khalil joining G4 and the frequency of well-known celebrities and musicians collaborating with popular streamers, popular content creators have often looked to transition YouTube success outside the platform. LilyPichu's recent voice acting roles in high-profile games like Genshin Impact and now SMITE should bode well for the streamer's career in the gaming industry.

SMITE is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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