The Warden class in The Elder Scrolls Online tends to play best when using a combination of close and long-range attacks, as well as abilities that use both Stamina and Magicka. Their three skill trees mostly contain many Support and DPS abilities but few Tanking abilities, making them great mid-range hybrid-role allies for group content in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Wardens tend to benefit from Light or Medium armor sets, though Heavy armor sets can be just as good for DPS-focused Wardens. Soloing content as a Warden is easier than many other classes, thanks to the class' multitude of Animal Companion skills and self-sustain abilities. It's a versatile class that can be hard to take down when played and geared optimally.

Updated November 25, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: ESO Warden armor can vary hugely, thanks to the ability of the class to master Support, DPS, and Tanking roles equally. Magicka and Stamina builds are both viable, which opens up a variety of armor sets that Wardens can make good use of. Like with many of the best armor sets in Elder Scrolls Online, ESO Warden armor tends to improve Critical Chance more than anything else, as the stat is far and away the most important factor for increasing DPS. Keep in mind the benefits of each armor set before going to hunt one down, and be sure to have the correct DLCs installed to access some of the difficult Trials that some of these armor sets are included with.

5 The Law of Julianos Set

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets Law of Julianos
  • Two Item Bonus: Grants 657 Spell Critical
  • Three Item Bonus: Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  • Four Item Bonus: Grants 657 Spell Critical
  • Full Set Bonus: Increases Weapon and Spell Damage by 300

The Law of Julianos armor set is a craftable, Magicka-enhancing set. It grants two major stat increases to the Warden. Wardens tend to use Stamina and Magicka equally, or only slightly use one over the other. However, focusing on Magicka can make the Warden a formidable spellcasting threat, thanks to the class' many Magicka-based abilities.

With this set, a Warden can sharply increase their combat potential, throwing out harder-hitting spells for a longer period of time. The Law of Julianos set can be crafted at the Boreal Forge. Find this specialty crafting location in the southwest portion of Wrothgar.


4 The Bahsei's Mania Set

Elder Scrolls Online Best Sorcerer Warden Armor Sets Bahseis Mania
  • Two Item Bonus: Grants 129 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage
  • Three Item Bonus: Gives the player Minor Slayer
  • Four Item Bonus: Grants 657 Critical Chance
  • Full Set Bonus: Adds 129 Weapon Damage and 129 Spell Damage, increases damage to NPCs by up to 15 percent (based on current Magicka)

The Bahsei's Mania armor set is a recent addition to The Elder Scrolls Online that is already proving to be a favorite amongst the highest-level ESO players. This is because of its triplicate benefits of granting Minor Slayer, increasing Critical Chance, and increasing Damage through both its Two-item and Full Set bonuses.

The Bahsei's Mania set is a Light Armor, Weapon, and Jewelry-based armor set, and it's not necessary to equip the full set unless you are following a Magicka-based build. The Bahsei's Mania set can be found in the Rockgrove Trial, included with the Blackwood DLC released in 2021.

3 The Necropotence Set

Elder Scrolls Online Best Sorcerer Armor Sets Necropotence
  • Two Item Bonus: Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  • Three Item Bonus: Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  • Four Item Bonus: Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  • Full Set Bonus: Increases Max Magicka by 3132 as long as a pet is summoned (e.g. the Warden's Bear)

The Necropotence set is a Jewelry, Weapon, and Light Armor set that provides a very straightforward set of bonuses for each piece of gear equipped. At two, three, and four pieces equipped the Necropotence armor set grants 1096 Max Magicka to the player. The Full Set Bonus further increases it by a significant amount as long as a pet is active.

The Necropotence set works well with this class because the vast majority of Warden players choose the Feral Guardian ultimate and its morphs, practically guaranteeing the huge additional bonus at all times. This set is found in the Rivenspire, where it can be looted from content like World Bosses, Delves, and other world content.

2 The Arms of Relequen Set

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets Perfected Arms Relequen
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases Critical Chance by 657
  • Three Item Bonus: Grants Minor Slayer
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases Critical Chance by 657
  • Full Set Bonus: Adds 1096 Max Stamina. Heavy and Light Attacks create stacks of Harmful Winds, damaging enemies based on the current stack total.

The Perfected Arms of Relequen is a Stamina and DPS-oriented armor set that gives two important buffs to the Warden, as well as a stat increase. This set is a must-have for Stamina-based Wardens, whether focusing on close combat or ranged combat, for its high-potential long-term damage.

It's fantastic for unique enemies and bosses as the fight drags on long enough for the stacking damage to actually matter. Still, the increased Critical Chance and Max Stamina make it worthwhile otherwise. Look for this set in the Cloudrest Trial in Summerset, where it drops from monsters and bosses throughout.

1 The Hollowfang Thirst Set

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets Hollowfang Thirst
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases Spell Critical by 657
  • Three Item Bonus: Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases Spell Critical by 657
  • Full Set Bonus: Critical Hits and Heals spawn Hemoglobin, which explodes after a few seconds restoring Magicka and increase Healing Received for nearby allies

The Hollowfang Thirst armor set is a Magicka-oriented set that is specifically useful for Support Wardens. The boost to Spell Critical goes a long way in increasing the Hollowfang Thirst armor set's chance to trigger, and the 8% increase to Healing Received helps in nailbiting encounters. RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online: Best Weapons For Nightblades, Ranked

The set is also useful for other Magicka-based Warden builds, though, who don't need to equip all five items to make use of the armor set's Spell Critical bonus. Look for this set in the Moongrave Fane dungeon in Northern Elsweyr. It drops from the dungeon's various bosses and minibosses.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series S|X

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