Shampooish-Like Knife returns.

We now must recognize (again) Shampooish-Like Knife:  that most enigmatic villain, who, among all such, appears to have Twixt’s special and secret, Google-voice-like number, and who dials that number, from time to time, to discuss matters of compromise and conflict, game and play, dying and destiny.  Here is that same Shampooish-Like Knife, once again arresting the attention of Twixt and several other, less enigmatic villains, who also have something, though much less, to say…

Shampooish-Like Knife: twixt, Hey Twixt.  I have a question for you.
Twixt: so many questions, these vills have
Shampooish-Like Knife: Is there a single villain player you respect?  One?
Shampooish-Like Knife: Or more! But is there even one.
Twixt: i respect all vills that do no name call nor use dev determined game xploits
Shampooish-Like Knife: exploits such as exiting the map? or did you have other things in mind
Shampooish-Like Knife: plenty of vills I know don’t call names
Shampooish-Like Knife: Here is the reason I ask.
Shampooish-Like Knife: You’ve expressed interest in the zone minigame.
Twixt: over and over again
Shampooish-Like Knife: Being able to communicate with villains would help you get something going toward that.
Twixt: i should not have to communicate, competition is enough
Twixt: actions speak louder than words
Shampooish-Like Knife: i’m speaking of organizing an event, or something along those lines
Twixt: the designers organized this zone, i try to abide by their rules
Twixt: i cant see how my efforts would be greater or more effective thant theirs
Twixt: kill vills, win the zone, thats the point
Shampooish-Like Knife: ok so not into an event to get more people to play it.. fair enough
Twixt: the zone is my friend, could be yours too, but you choose your vg
Twixt: zone wins
Twixt: you farm my zone, it does not like that
Twixt: it prefers to be played
Little Vill1: dude thats it my mission is to kill you
Twixt: i would gladly die to win the zone, and have before in fact
Twixt: as a distraction for the silly vills
Little Vill2: This zone, is in fact, made for farming
Twixt: i kill you to delay you, thwart you, befuddle you
Little Vill1: my gpd you talk to much twixter
Twixt: and before i came, who talked too much?
Twixt: the dead and the dying would most likely say you talked to much
Twixt: now the shoe, as they say, is on the other foot
Little Vill3: twixt can you say something i am wondering if my ignore works
Twixt: no?
Shampooish-Like Knife: Na, I was asking him.
Shampooish-Like Knife: I don’t mind.