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03-01-2007 Btw, villains, get your asses out of there, twixt is about to get in-character
03-01-2007 ya, but twixt is so bad, it’s really just 2v1
03-01-2007 twixt is here
03-07-2007 and twixt is trying to kill steal but he sucks too much
03-07-2007 twixt is DM he does crap damg, thats why he only killss with help
03-07-2007 twixt is an asshole just so you know, and he wont make this easy
03-07-2007 Twixt is a cocksucker
03-08-2007 twixt is in your kitchen eating your candy right now
03-13-2007 twixt is funny shit man
03-14-2007 this is my twixt is great toon

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03-01-2008 twixt is badarse
03-01-2008 aww twixt is here
03-03-2008 note twixt is a roleplayer that i have to put on ignore once a week
03-03-2008 i die when twixt isn’t here… then.. i think of him..
03-03-2008 Twixt is the Ozzy Osbourne of COH. You know he’s typig English.  But you just can’t seem to comprehend it.
03-03-2008 Big boy Twixt is scared of Villains
03-03-2008 Like I always say…Twixt is always good for a laugh 😉
03-06-2008 twixt is racist
03-06-2008 Twixt is my hero
03-06-2008 you know twixt is actually a copywrite violation..