Another conversation in RV.

The Conversation:

“There are no rules, Twixt”

The Context:

Twixt wins the zone/and stands alone.

The Cast:

Twixt, our hero

Prime Opp A & Prime Opp B, a villain pair/so au contraire

Just Another Vill1 & 2 (largely indistinguishable)

Just Another Hero (appearing only briefly in the finale)


Twixt: vills lose again
Prime Opp A: lol, funny
Prime Opp A: See he acknowledges anything ingame
Just Another Vill1: i really think he must be retarded
Just Another Vill1: like, seriously
Prime Opp A: He’s basically a self rightous insecure somebody at least 28 years old
Prime Opp A: Probably has never been with a woman
Twixt: a curious rationalization of the farmers obsessive and selfish behavior
Prime Opp A: and what is your behavior
Prime Opp A: do tell
Prime Opp B: and really do not apply to anything said
Prime Opp B: take it from a psychology major
Prime Opp B: he is using textbook comebacks
Prime Opp A: Notice how he uses
Prime Opp A: Words such as “rationalization” and curious
Prime Opp B: yes…
Prime Opp A: To make himself seem smart and right
Prime Opp B: while he is quiet, he has his thesaurus out
Twixt: you plan, you build, you converse solely for farming
Prime Opp A: Not really
Prime Opp B:
and then he crafts a very uncontextual senetnce
Twixt: its a ponzi scheme for the soul
Prime Opp B: twixt do you have any idea what it is your saying?
Prime Opp A: He thinks we’re WoWites
Prime Opp A: To be honest twixt, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING
Prime Opp A: he’s calling US obsessive,
Twixt: killing vills, taking boxes, winning the zone
Prime Opp A: When he lives breathes and pisses RV
Just Another Vill2: so what’s going down in RV on this fine evening
Prime Opp A: We’re psychologically prodding twixt
Prime Opp A: What is your idea of fun
Twixt: design of zone is to take boxes, win the zone
Twixt: nothing to report
Just Another Vill2: Oh, is this like a moral thing? Cool people don’t farm?
Prime Opp A: Lol no, twixt is  spweing shit
Twixt: its a selfish practice
Twixt: particularly in a public zone
Prime Opp A: How does it hurt anything at all
hogs the hvys for one thing
Twixt: diminishes competition
Twixt: so why ignore the rules of the game
Prime Opp A: Get your head out of your ass
Prime Opp A: There are no rules Twixt
Prime Opp A: This is like talking to a fucking wall
Prime Opp A: Or a retarded person banging their head agains tone
Prime Opp A: Twixt has yet to understand the concept of freedom
Twixt: hoho, when you come upon someone who exhibits free behavior
Twixt: such as myself, look how i am treated
Twixt: you dont want freedom, you want control
Prime Opp A: To be honest Twixt
Prime Opp A: You speak of rules
Prime Opp A: Lemme tell you some
Prime Opp A: Here is my moral code of conduct
Prime Opp A: You should listen to this
Prime Opp A: Those who do not follow this, will be ridiculed
Twixt: game design is involved
Prime Opp A: Alright
Prime Opp A: Enough
Prime Opp A: *bangs head to desk*
Just Another Hero: where is everyone
Just Another Hero: i want to piss off vills by buffing twixt