A conversation in six unequal parts.

1. Twixt laments the defeat of heroes…

Twixt: they die without thinking they could be doing anaything else
Twixt: not because the rules say they must
Twixt: not because the devs say they must
Twixt: only because the players who are killing them say they must

2. A Hardcore Vill has no sympathy…

A Hardcore Vill: U R PATHETIC TWIXT if u cant see  what makes u so  sad then u r just plain stupid

3. Another vill, A Potential Twixt Convert, gives Twixt some advice…

A Potential T Convert: you should really join the villain side with your tactics

4. And then still another, The Sympathetic Vill, offers some insight….

The Sympathetic Vill: wait let him talk
The Sympathetic Vill:  i know his mind set because I think like this irl

5. And then, with this same cast of characters, the conversation continues…

A Hardcore Vill: hell no – we wont even accept him if he tried
The Sympathetic Vill: he’s anti society
The Sympathetic Vill: a true introvert
A Potential T Convert: how he fights in battle …I am fine with
A Potential T Convert: droning people
A Potential T Convert: is another matter
The Sympathetic Vill: it’s just a mind set
The Sympathetic Vill: people are always given the choice to either socialize or isolate themselve
A Potential T Convert: Play however you want
A Potential T Convert: but you will not be respected when you drone
A Potential T Convert: and you may be reported
A Potential T Convert: just fyi
The Sympathetic Vill: lol you’re one to talk =)
The Sympathetic Vill: again you based your own rules like he did =)
A Potential T Convert: I am just role playing
A Potential T Convert: I like you guys
A Potential T Convert: it is just a game
A Potential T Convert: nothing personal
The Sympathetic Vill: it’s ok to run away with the ouboros but it’s not ok to tp foe since you don’t have it
A Potential T Convert: I just like when everyone wants to kill me
A Potential T Convert: makes it more fun for me
A Potential T Convert: more of a challange

6. Finally, it is A Hardcore Vill, who takes the time to summarize…

A Hardcore Vill: must b new 2 the zone   if u r a hero  TWIXT will Leech of off u ans steel your kills  and if u a villain he will drone u and TP into  turrets and LB groups