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02-02-2007   twixt is heroes side?
02-02-2007   The quetion about twixt is If he can’t act in a civil manner in a computer game
02-03-2007   Oh, here we go.  Twixt is telling us that we shouldn’t “cheat the rules.”  That’s rich.
02-03-2007   Twixt is the new team leader
02-05-2007   And twixt is here.
02-05-2007   oh no the brute is fucked twixt is here. lol
02-07-2007   twixt is that you?
02-07-2007   Twixt is now the team leader.
02-09-2007   lol twixt is that all you know how to do is drone people,fear them,and tp them in mobs?
02-11-2007    no Twixt is more annoying than anything

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02-01-2008   and twixt is an evil little man
02-01-2008   you do know that Twixt isn’t human do you?
02-02-2008   ah shit im out of here twixt is here
02-02-2008   um you do know twixt isn’t a guy….right?
02-02-2008   twixt is the best droner who else 6 slots tp foe
02-03-2008   Im still convinced Twixt is french Canadien
02-03-2008   yea im out to twixt is gay
02-03-2008   no twixt is in Cambodia
02-03-2008   twixt is livin’ the dream!
02-03-2008   lol twixt is here!!! WOOT