Another short conversation…

…sometime in the cold of deep December,  when Twixt’s warm and puckish charm managed to crack the vill veneer and wiggle, at least somewhat, into vill hearts and minds.

Prime Opp A: great twixt is here laready trying to drone me  or pill box tp
Twixt: trying?


Vill Kibitzer1:It wouldn’t be RV if it didn’t have twixt
Vill Kibitzer1: <3 twixt
Vill Kibitzer2: Twixter!
Prime Opp A: yea lol
Vill Kibitzer1: every server needs a mascot I suppose
Prime Opp A: H AHA HA
Prime Opp A: yeah but he gives heros a bad name lol
Vill Kibitzer1: I think he best represents what others like to dub “Freedumg”
Vill Kibitzer1: <—- spelling nub
Prime Opp A: run twizzler ! lol
Vill Kibitzer1: twixt come phear meh plz, I won’t feel the same if you don’t


Prime Opp A: ok twizzler that was jusr retarded
Vill Kibitzer1: <— bleading it out till twixt fears me
Vill Kibitzer2: some1 should emp the Twixter for maximum agrivation
Vill Kibitzer1: I nominate twixt for server mascot
Vill Kibitzer1: who is with me!
Prime Opp A: someone should teach him how to play this game