Another conversation…

…in which even a pack of vills ponders morals briefly, as they are confronted with queries concerning same, by one of Twixt’s brethren heroes, who taunts the aforementioned vills, and is labeled by them, somewhat distantly, “This Tank.”

Prime Opp A: question guys!!
Prime Opp A: in pvp what do you call playing dirty
Other V1: playing with 1 hand
Prime Opp A: lmao
Other V2: LOL!!
Prime Opp A: good point
Twixt: winning?
Other V3: noobing out=P
Prime Opp A: i got this tank talking to me on Pm saying i play dirty….lol
This Tank: LETS ARENA lets go ya chicken shit
Other V1: lol
Prime Opp A: thats him right there lmao
This Tank: 1 on 1
This Tank: I will tear ya apart
Other V4: we have a twixt jr lol
Prime Opp A: learn the game learn the gamebro
This Tank: learn to make guy toons PERV!
Prime Opp A: tyvm you made my day
This Tank: WOOOT
Twixt: base is safe
Prime Opp A: hahaha