Other Twixt conversations…

…which may well continue to appear on this blog, depending largely upon your ability to tolerate them, since they are voluminous.

The first. In which Twixt briefly ponders his existence, without much resolution, while assailed by a primary opponent (who shall hereafter be called Prime Opp A), and observed by several kibitzers (who shall be relatively nameless as B, C, D, and E — though they probably would not wish it so).

Sometime in January, 2008…

[Broadcast]Twixt: i have been told many times i am not a real scrapper
[Broadcast]Twixt: i am therefore an imaginary scrapper
[Broadcast]B: Twixt is full of win!
[Broadcast]C: I believe in you twixt
[Broadcast]Twixt: i repeat this because it rather appeals to me
[Broadcast]B: Joo can do it!
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: well, you kind of arent i could get on mine and show you how a scrapper is meant to fight and kill in a zone with so much room
[Broadcast] D: twixt, i have a theory… you are a chinese gold farmer who earned your freedom through 10 years of hard work
[Broadcast]Twixt: i believe lots of what i hear is imaginary actually
[Broadcast]Twixt: so this would not be much diff from what i believe
[Broadcast]B: I believe in Twixt – he has win for breakfast.
[Broadcast]E: like when ur parents told you they loved you as a child?

The second. A longer and perhaps more currently relevant conversation, though populated only by Twixt and another, in which Twixt is again matched in combat against a different, but similar Prime Opp A, who objects when Twixt intervenes and interrupts a villainous attack against a hero, in a (successful) attempt to aid and protect that hero.

Sometime in September, 2007…

[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: good old twixt
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: helping the gold farmers
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: how nice
[Broadcast]Twixt: my philosophy is
[Broadcast]Twixt: if they are winning the zone
[Broadcast]Twixt: and not farming npcs
[Broadcast]Twixt: and fighting back
[Broadcast]Twixt: then a ok
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: your philosophy is redunant, as is your tactic to fighting, which would not fall under the definition of fighting…it all sincerity Twixt, you really must find a life outside of the hole
[Broadcast]Twixt: my observation is
[Broadcast]Twixt: when others criticize me for running
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: These gold farmers exploit the game by selling infamy on EBay to make money from other countries..its “illegal”..so why not attempt some example of integrity and back off for once
[Broadcast]Twixt: they are most likely to run
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: I did not say anything about your running
[Broadcast]Twixt: when others criticize me for anything
[Broadcast]Twixt: in fact
[Broadcast]Twixt: it is most likely to be true of them
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: and I have NEVER run from you..so again….redundancy
[Broadcast]Twixt: the reason for this
[Broadcast]Twixt: i believe
[Broadcast]Twixt: if thats others attribute motivations to people
[Broadcast]Twixt: according to the motivations they understand about themselves
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: please spare me the ridiculous attempt at theories, I do not believe anyone with an ounce of sanity would subscribe to your ridiculous performance
[Broadcast]Twixt: but, alas
[Broadcast]Twixt: their motivations are their own
[Broadcast]Twixt: so they are misled about the motivations of others
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: again, I certainly hope you ascertain what it is that you say. You lack of informed statements makes me wonder if you possess any common sense at all
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: Twixt, I have studied psychology with a concentration in behavior analysis, do me a favor, work your uninformed jibberish on someone else, none of your attempts at intelligent observations makes any sense in this game my friend
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: by the wat, good attempt at looking intellectual with using the word “alas”..I hope that satisfied your weak desire for conversational domination
[Broadcast]Twixt: i would think
[Broadcast]Twixt: alas would be associated with archaic
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: do you really?
[Broadcast]Twixt: rather than intellectual
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: no, ‘alas” would try to imply your articulate game rapport which is in dire need of some “tweaking”
[Broadcast]Twixt: this would then be another example of motivation misplacement
[Broadcast]Prime Opp A: motivation displacement?
[Broadcast]Twixt: and, of course, confimration thereof