A Twixt conversation.

A conversation between Twixt and an MMO-like character whose name is Shampooish-Like Knife, a name I have very possibly entirely made up without regard to any existing characters of the same or similar names, past or present, on any MMO server whatsoever.  And yet it is conceivable that this conversation actually took place in RV in CoH/V and is here revealed for the first time in the precise manner and form in which it first appeared.

Shampooish-Like Knife: I invite you to address the matter publicly, that all may discuss and learn.

Twixt: and in your special mind / wht would this accomplish?

Shampooish-Like Knife: You’ve clearly put a lot of thought and time into the game.

Twixt: doesnt answer my question

Shampooish-Like Knife: the player base could potentially learn from your experience / you’re pretty well known on the server, twixt 🙂 / it could build advocacy behind your views

Twixt: then why doesnt this hapn in rv? / i dont think there would be much diff

Shampooish-Like Knife: some have as I’m sure you know / there’s been a great deal more tp droning since you arrived

Twixt: there would have been more before i arrived except for the social pressure to curtail it / the social pressure is the problem / change that, and you dont have to futz with me at all / those who exert the social pressure are well aware of the arguments i pose / they use those arguments as opportunities to exert further social pressures / thsi would be the resutl of any forums postings as well / arguments willn ot suffice / the droning must take place

Shampooish-Like Knife: there are plenty of non-arena boys on the public forums, sir.

Twixt: anything else is pointless and those who would prevent the dronings must be droned / only soluition

Shampooish-Like Knife: see, if people agreed with you, there would be counterpressure / but that was really it, think about it.. and hf

Twixt: counterpressure does not solve the problem of social pressure and ostracization / it increases it /  participating in the forums legitimizes the forums / the game is the thing not the forums / play is the thing not discussion

Shampooish-Like Knife: hehe.. the forums have supported and extended the game

Twixt: false, the forums distort the game / how could they do otherwise

Shampooish-Like Knife: both are true

Twixt: unless they were the game itself / whcih they are not

Shampooish-Like Knife: the game is not a platonic ideal

Twixt: the game is simply different fromt he forums

Shampooish-Like Knife: agreed

Twixt: thats it