Was Twixt’s play positive play?

I think we have come to the conclusion that Twixt broke no game rules inside RV. That’s good. That’s a step forward. Let’s try another step.

Could it possibly be that Twixt tried to make playing by the rules in RV fun!?  And that he might have, at least in part, succeeded!?

(And, if so, where does all that so-called griefing go?)

…from the chatlog Freedom server:

  • I’m just kidding Twixt. You’ve kept the chat lively the past few nights at least. Not that I take part. ^_^
  • I rather found him/her to be quite entertaining in RV on champion to be honest. One of the better players out there.
  • I think everyone in vori are a bunch of noobs 0_o twixt use to fight us 8 v 1 back in the day.
  • But to be fair, despite his tedious and quite frankly ineffective tactics he doesnt fill the broadcast with abuse and crap like some players.
  • LoL! I love fighting Twixt.
  • His timing is phenomonal and very good strategist imo even if he is considered “cheap”. He is what i would consider when good heroes go Bad.
  • My take is that he is just playing his game, and probably got sick of people whining in bcast at him. I’m talking before he started chattering back and posting his lists. People used to trash talk him and he didnt even respond.
  • love this thread
  • That is a direct reference to me. I personally generated that Twixtism.
  • He’s always entertaining for sure, and this thread can never die.
  • twixt write me a poem!
  • I don’t mind, I find it a fun game. Gives me a challange to overcome.
  • Hoping to make the list
  • This thread just keeps on winning.
  • Twixt is delicious
  • Mostly harmless.