The beat goes on.

It is interesting to read responses to the Twixt paper here.

I attempted in the CoH/V forums, briefly, something of a debriefing process, but reaction was more suited to confirming the paper’s conclusions than explaining and detailing them further.  Here’s a brief synopsis:

Re: Not sure if you guys have seen this… [Re: Jeminiks]
#12623135 – Tue Nov 25 2008 06:13 AM

All I keep thinking of is the name, “Dr. Josef Mengele.” — Turgenev

This sort of response hovers dangerously close to Godwin’s Law, which means things have probably already entered Goon territory.  Although the Mengele analogy is, of course, somewhat expected (and predicted by the paper, actually), it is not nearly so apt as this one, which led to, among other things, effigy burnings.

So it goes.

Hell hath no fury, it seems, like social mavens scorned.