Gotomypc -> Logmein.

In my drive toward the cheap or, even better, the free, I have moved from Typepad to WordPress.  Which is okay.  (I don’t like the stupid snapshots pop-ups though.)

I am now moving from Gotomypc to Logmein.  Both these services provide what has become an invaluable function for me:  remote access to another computer.  Gotomypc is more expensive than Logmein’s pay service and, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have the same range of features.  However, the best part is that Logmein has a free version that seems to work well, EXCEPT the free version doesn’t provide file transfers between machines.  So I’ll have to do that with FileZilla or something.

If Logmein doesn’t work reliably (seems okay so far), then there are other options.